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32 Rimfire Shooters attend Saturdays match

Call Ian for details and orders for a new club
shirt and cap
New Action Match test a popular addition to the Morinish Calendar
Saturday .22 Standard pistol competition Dorley Street Range
Left to right -

Nichole 18th place, Casey 15th= place, Beth 15th= place, Kelly 8th place, Del 12th place and Kate 16th place

Morinish SSAA encourages both genders to partake in target shooting as a sport. At this weeks regular Saturday .22 Standard Match nineteen (19) members attended. The match was held at the Rockhampton Pistol Clubs facilities in Dorley Street Lakescreek.

Target Shooting is one of the safest non contact sports in the world. With a set of well defined rules and regulations shooting can be fun, competitive and enjoyable all at the same time. From as young as eleven years old you can enjoy the friendship, social aspect and sportsmanship in a sport that will encourage positive and professional thinking and self confidence. Kelly said that she went target shooting because it was a good chance to meet other people and enjoy a social outing. Beth said it was a sport that you can relax and participate in with your partner. Nichole said that she liked to go target shooting because it was something she could accomplish by herself.

Kate Round two on Saturday .22 Standard match and this target score 155

Nichole first time shooter

Jim & Max State Discipline Chair person

Team Morinish at the State Combined Services Discipline titles at Blackwater/Bluff



Cassie a CQU Biology student trys her hand for the second time at pistol shooting. Cassie scored 275.2 out of 600 at Saturdays Rim Fire Standard Match where she was one of 26 shooters.

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.22 Rifle Shoot

Graeme & Tennille at the .22 Standard match on Saturday

Natasha celebrates her 15th Birthday with Morinish Sporting Shooters